How the Photobooth Livens Up Your Event

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Events and gatherings offer a special time for friends, family, and co-workers to relax, get to know each other better, and enjoy each other’s company. From weddings, receptions, and anniversaries for families to corporate events and gatherings for co-workers and friends, the quality of the event entertainment helps facilitate the interaction that makes such gatherings so memorable.

Of course, planning an event takes considerable effort at trying to ensure that everyone is entertained and enjoying themselves. One of the simplest, yet most effective additions you can make to any event that entertains more than a few people is the photobooth. The photobooth is fast becoming one of the favorite sights at guest entertainment corporate events, receptions, and other types of gatherings.

What is a Photobooth?

The traditional photobooth has been around for many decades where they are seen at amusement parks, train stations, and other locations where people gather. Until recently, a typical booth was an enclosed space that took your picture for a small price and delivered them within a minute all in the same place. The booth itself had become an icon of the past, a place where friends, family, and couples would gather to have their picture taken quickly and easily.

The modern photobooth retains the charm and nostalgia of its predecessor, but has been upgraded for the times. As part of your event entertainment, people can still get inside the booth, have their picture taken, and even receive printed copies quickly. However, the modern photobooth uses digital technology which means that the photos may be uploaded to your phone or social media sites like Instagram where they can be shared with anyone.

There are several advantages to the photo booth that makes it the perfect addition to your guest entertainment corporate events, parties, and gatherings such as receptions and the like. For many, the photobooth will be one of the highlights of the evening.

Easy to Set Up: The booth itself does not take up much space as all it needs is to be near an electrical outlet and connected to the internet. This means that you can set up the booth in an out-of-the-way corner where people can gather and have their pictures taken. It only takes a moment to move into place and set up. After that, you can leave it alone and let it do the entertaining in that part of the room.

Style Choices: The photobooths come in a variety of colors and styles. Plus, they can be decorated as part of the event itself. In other words, you can choose a booth with subdued coloring for corporate events or go wild with colors at receptions and parties. You can also place posters, banners, and other decorations on the booth as you see fit.

Uploading Photos: Unlike days gone by when the only photos that were available came in fours that were dispensed from the machine itself, you can upload the digital photos to your smartphone and view them for yourself. You can share the photos with friends and family online or have them uploaded to Instagram, a popular social media site that will link with your other sites so that everyone can see the fun people are having at the event.

Affordable: Having a photobooth at your event or gathering is less expensive than you might think. For something that pulls in people of all ages, it is affordably provided and offers several features that you and your guests will enjoy throughout the event itself. Many packages that include the free delivery of the booth include producing an unlimited number of prints and offering an online gallery so that others can see who has had their photos taken in the booth.

You can also negotiate specific rental times and locations if you want to coordinate with other, nearby events or try for a package deal where you have the booth available at different events scheduled on your calendar. This provides you with added flexibility when planning for the year.

Why Choose a Photobooth for Your Event?

Planning an event means considering many different things from booking entertainment to catering to getting the right space, decorations, and so forth. However, you should not overlook having a photo booth for your event because it provides entertainment all on its own.

Set It and Forget It: Unlike most other forms of entertainment that you provide for your guests, once the booth is set up to take pictures, you can pretty much leave it alone. It is self-contained, sits in an otherwise unused area of the room, and needs no maintenance as it is quite reliable. This means that you can focus on other areas of your event.

Affordable: When you consider the costs of food and providing other event entertainment, the photobooth offers quite a bit for a low, affordable price. You can rent the booth for a few hours and it will provide your guests with plenty of entertaining possibilities which makes it one of the most cost-effective devices for guest entertainment corporate events, receptions, parties, and other types of gatherings.

Active Participation: So much focus is given to finding ways for guest to be entertained that organizers overlook how to have the guests entertain themselves. The photobooth provides ample entertainment that is generated from co-workers, family, and friends which makes it one of the highlights of the event. You’ll see your guests flock to the booth to have their pictures taken together which brings out the best entertainment, one that is generated from the guests.

Most importantly, it creates its own fun thanks to the comradery generated by capturing a moment in time that co-workers, friends, and family can share with each other. There is something so special about having your picture taken together with those you work with, laugh with, and love with all in one place. The timeless quality of the photobooth is only enhanced by the special features that allow for the photos to be shared around the world.

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